The Sidney Prizes

sidney prize

There are thousands of individuals worldwide working tirelessly to make a positive change for humanity, from writers and activists to those engaged in humanitarian causes. It is only fitting to acknowledge their efforts with something as valuable as a sidney prize award – this way their achievements can both honor them while inspiring others towards reaching their goals as well.

Apart from writing and activism, there are also the Sidney Prizes for Science awarded annually to individuals who promote scientific concepts within their communities and society as a whole. This can lead to greater awareness of scientific ideas as well as potentially groundbreaking technologies which benefit humanity – so these awards serve to recognize those whose efforts have made an incredible difference for humankind.

The Neilma Sydney Prize offers young writers an outstanding opportunity to write about topics of importance to them and be recognized by professional publishers. Hosted by Overland magazine and the Neilma Sidney Foundation, it welcomes students of all ages – winners will receive cash prizes as well as having their story published in Overland magazine! For more information about this contest please view its rules and regulations.

Professor Sidney Cox had an immense positive effect on Dartmouth students both inside and outside his classroom, inspiring hundreds to pursue writing as their subject of study. This award honors undergraduate writing that best adheres to his high standards for originality and integrity set forth in both teaching and his book, Indirections for Those Who Want to Write. The winning essay will be chosen based on its focus on an issue relevant to broad audiences as well as its pursuit of academic excellence.

The Hillman Prize was created in 1950 to recognize journalists, authors and public figures who work toward social justice and public policy for the common good. Each month the Hillman Foundation selects one winner, awarding them with a grant that they can use to continue their efforts and honoring them at an Association of Scholars conference.

The Edelstein Prize was established by SHOT in 1968 to recognize Dr. Sidney Edelstein, an esteemed expert on dye history and founder of an successful specialty chemical manufacturing firm. Awarded annually by SHOT to an author whose book on technology history stands out, this prestigious prize includes $3500 plus a plaque that will be selected by a panel of SHOT members.

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