Promoting Science With the Hongkong Prize

hongkong prize

The Hongkong Prize is presented annually to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to world civilisation and have inspired others towards building an ideal society. Prize recipients receive both monetary prizes and trophies, as well as being invited to visit some of Hong Kong’s premiere research facilities – an excellent way to encourage scientific research while giving scientists from around the globe access to one of Asia’s thriving science hubs.

This international merit-based award recognizes extraordinary achievements by researchers working in artificial intelligence/robotics, life and health sciences, new materials and energy research, advanced manufacturing technology and FinTech. Without sponsorship or committee influence, this prestigious international prize rewards those whose research has created real social value while encouraging science and technology entrepreneurs to continue exploring its potential while turning ideas into commercial products that benefit society and the economy.

Applications must be Fellows in good standing of the Academy and possess at least one original manuscript that addresses clinical practice or research topics. Research must use empirical data collected via empirical surveys. It must also have been published in an open peer-review journal during the year of submission (submissions that require acceptance will not be considered).

Another effective way to promote science is through hosting a writing competition. This event allows students to become engaged with science by increasing writing skill development while earning financial rewards for participating. Before entering any contest it is vitally important that all rules and regulations are thoroughly read in order to avoid issues which could potentially disqualify you.

Writing contests are an excellent way to showcase your writing while simultaneously winning cash awards and trophies. Participation couldn’t be simpler: simply register with a trusted site and submit your work for review. Once you gain experience, more competitive contests may offer even larger rewards; just make sure that you play responsibly by choosing sites with promotions to increase your chances of winning – good luck!

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