The Hong Kong Prize is a Great Opportunity For Young People

HK Prize is an incredible opportunity for young artists and creators of all stripes to gain recognition for their art and talent. Although highly competitive, it can still be worth your while to take part. Be sure to research and read up on any rules associated with entering; judge panels will consider both your artistic skill as well as its story telling ability and overall impact when making their decision.

This award honors those who represent the spirit of Hong Kong. These individuals have gone above and beyond in helping others despite making great personal sacrifices – showing that resilience of human spirit in times of difficulty. Furthermore, they serve as honorable representatives for Hong Kong values; inspiring young people to follow in their footsteps and achieve success.

The Hong Kong Prize is Hong Kong’s highest honour in history, culture and heritage studies. Established by Dr John D. Young’s friends and students in 1996 as a non-governmental merit-based prize to encourage scholars to dedicate themselves to Hong Kong studies while giving access to some of the world’s top research facilities.

Winners of HK Prize are honored with cash awards and other incentives, such as international exposure for their work. Past recipients have included activists fighting for freedom and democracy as well as social justice organizations or community service initiatives – such as providing shelter to homeless adults.

Authors interested in entering this award must submit an original article on any topic related to Hong Kong that draws upon original research and makes a significant statement about society at large. Top ten finalists will not only receive financial prizes but also shopping vouchers and F&B perks at awards ceremonies held across Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Prize writing competition has become one of the premier literary competitions, giving numerous authors their due. Though competitive, this writing contest provides writers with an excellent way to build their reputation while increasing cultural awareness of Hong Kong. If interested in taking part, be sure to visit its official website for rules and submission information.

Are You Wondering Who Won the Hong Kong Prize? Applicants for the Hong Kong Prize should possess an in-depth knowledge of Chinese culture and communicate efficiently in both English and Chinese, along with an interest in learning about Hong Kong that they can demonstrate through their work. Applications are welcome from all Hong Kong residents!

Candidates for admission should possess at least an average of B in their final year of high school and possess a GPA of at least 4.0. Additionally, they should demonstrate leadership, integrity and a strong commitment to helping others by being proficient in both English and Chinese; with strong science backgrounds; being active extracurricularly as well as academic achievements.

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