How to Win at Blackjack


Blackjack is a card game in which both you and the dealer compete to create the best hand. Your goal should be to come as close to 21 without going over, without going bust; otherwise you lose. There are various optional actions that may help increase your odds or save some of your bet. Doubling down is a popular strategy used by many, which allows you to double your initial bet by asking for one additional card; however it only pays if confident of beating out what will likely be upcard of dealer; otherwise only double against 2-6 or 9 card dealers instead.

Insurance – Available only in some casinos, this side bet offers 2:1 odds when the dealer holds an ace up. While it should be avoided at all costs, it’s easy to be fooled into making this costly error.

Splitting Pairs – When dealt two cards of equal value (a pair) as part of your starting hand, splitting them can be very profitable if they’re high cards like an ace or 8s; however, doing this with pair of tens makes both weaker and does not improve your chance of obtaining blackjack.

Doubling Down – After receiving two cards, it may be wise to double down by increasing your original bet size by twice its amount. While this move is risky, it can prove lucrative when executed successfully; just make sure that your hand will beat out that of the dealer! To double down successfully.

Learning the values of the cards when playing blackjack is essential to swift addition. Face cards are worth 10, while numbers two through ten should be valued according to their printed values and aces can score either 1 or 11 points.

Keep an eye on the dealer to see if they are giving away information that should remain private. Sometimes dealers unwittingly reveal information to players by briefly exposing their hole card or by bending over and touching their cards to indicate that they have blackjack.

Applying the appropriate strategy to casino gaming can make it more profitable and give you more fun with friends. If you need further clarification of any rules, do not hesitate to ask for clarification from either dealer or pit boss; their rules should be simple enough for anyone to grasp easily.

Edward Thorp’s Beat the Dealer provides one of the most effective strategies for making money at blackjack: following its basic strategy. Based on simple logic, this strategy advises never busting when facing off against cards between 2-6 from the dealer; otherwise mimic the dealer’s action when dealing 7-ace cards from 7-ace dealer up cards are exposed; otherwise mimicking them with similar cards will yield the highest percentage wins over time.

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