How to Play Roullete


Roullete (pronounced rou-LEHT) is a casino game where a small ball rolls around a wheel while players place bets on which number or section it will land in. These bets may involve selecting any combination of single numbers, groupings of numbers, colors red or black and high/low status; then when the wheel stops spinning and payout occurs according to odds; although its house edge tends to be higher than in other games it remains relatively small.

When selecting your roulette table, keep your budget in mind and place bets quickly to limit the time exposed to the house edge. Each roulette table carries a placard detailing minimum and maximum bet limits; look for one which allows at least $5 bet per spin so you can try your hand at various strategies without worry of running out of funds.

Beginners to roulette should begin by placing outside bets (groups of numbers rather than individual digits) before transitioning inward. Outside bets offer lower betting odds and have a greater chance of hitting, meaning more frequent wins for you! European roulette wheels provide another added benefit by splitting even-money bets equally between dealer and player – the la partage rule splits even-money bets in half!

Once winning bets have been settled, a marker is placed in their corresponding slot on the table map. After clearing and beginning another round, once the dealer announces “no more bets”, the layout locks immediately to prevent cheating or unfair advantages.

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